Visualisation of your thinking, planning and doing
By Vanessa Koster


Sketch and Talk - do you recognize this?

Do you struggle with the questions below?

  • How do you give your message clarity and life.
  • How do you need to find a way to give dry data more energy?
  • How do you make systems simple to understand?
  • How can you arrange for a fun affordable team event?

Well, I can help you!


If you want everyone to see what you think, mean or plan to do? Show them a picture! Your communication, workflows or change management can be visually presented in various ways:


Studio work


Live events




This is the work I make for you in my studio. Some of the wonderful stuff I can make for you:



I can provide you with an illustration for your website, yearly report or magazine. As well as an overview of your business statement or vision. Maybe you need a business cartoon? With an illustration or cartoon you can show your business information to your customers and colleagues in a easy-to-understand and fun way!


Infographics & Flowcharts

Infographics explain the process of decision making, change within a company or helps out with complex business situations. An infographic can be used while you are doing your Talk! Step by step information can be presented and decisions show the direction you want to go. In dutch this a called a “praatplaat”. A flowchart is a decision tree and can be used in a complex decision process, to ‘show’ the decisions made in visual steps!

Illustrations on things

Illustrations on ‘things’

Need Christmas cards? Nicely illustrated give aways or etiquettes for wine bottles? Or illustrated coffee mugs for your colleages? A mural? No Problem! I can arrange for beautiful and original give-aways. Great to show your company in– and outside the meeting room!

For pricing please contact Vanessa.


During a meeting or event your talk will be visualised. The result will be valuable and will continue to create impact. Here I’ll show you a few possibilities:

Visual note taking

Visual Note Taking

This is often referred to “Graphic Recording” or “Graphic Facilitation”, which is the practice of using text and images to create a conceptual picture of a conversation during your meeting or event. Here I will join your meeting to illustrate your talk. In BIG! This will be done on a white board, big paper screen or on a wall.



During you event, I will sit down within the group and sketch the talking! Ideas and solutions will be visualised on a paper sheet. I will interact (or not, whatever you prefer). Great for business  ver you prefer). Great for business events and smaller meetings.

For pricing please contact Vanessa.


Workshops in drawing, sketchnoting and cartoon are great to learn how to visualise your Talk! But more over they are great team building events! Workshops can be arranged at your office or at a nice location nearby. All materials will be provided.

Yes I can draw

Yes I can Draw!

Drawing is not just a talent, it is a skill anyone can learn! This fast, fun one-hour workshop is an introduction to drawing for everyone. It will teach you how to be creative and have fun!


Think with Ink, Drawing with a Drink!

This two-hour workshop, designed to give you the tools to think in pictures and work with pencil, pen and paper. The workshop provides fun lessons on how better understand how to communicate and to share ideas, concepts, scenarios and plans with drawing! You’ll learn techniques to draw basic pictures of things, people, action scenes and emotions. For the company (after work) team events: we will add a beer (or two) to loosen up your fingers and spice up the event!


Cartoon your way into Business

This day workshop is the best in town!

I will teach you how to translate talks into sketches and have fun while doing this! First, the science behind visual communication will be explained.  After this, you will start the drawing! Visual Storytelling will be introduced which can be useful for anyone who needs to build a storyboards, plots, planning scenarios, customer journeys or history maps. The core of this day is a series of exercises that reveal step-by-step how to sketchnote . You’ll learn visual-recording and -mapping techniques and how to make a briljant visual story!

I don’t emphasize fancy lettering or needing to be a great cartoonist – don’t worry! It’s about creating a foundation of drawing skills, and applying it in a work context.

Coffee, tea and an organic lunch will be served. Additionally, a manual with Visual Communication Techniques will be handed out.

For pricing please contact Vanessa.